Thursday, 14 July 2011

This is me

For the sake of maintaining some kind blog stamina I will post about my family. Why not. I'm new to this posting, so will no doubt break every rule in the book, but I will hopefully learn.

The photo above is from our deck. There was a fire somewhere in Wellington, and it caused some pretty strange light in the sky. 

The image below is my showroom in town. Its pretty low key, I design kitchens and bathrooms and interior re-jigging. I enjoy what I do, but it makes for a pretty cramped week balancing wee 'un's with trying to run a successful business.  Guilt plays a big part of most of my days.

This image is from a day in the middle of winter when we decided to brave the bracing Wellington Southerly and walk along the Pencarrow Heads. It was worth it if only to get one of the only photo's of our small family all together.

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