Monday, 25 July 2011

Ah HA!

I knew I would be a lazy blogger.  I look at peoples blogs, and become all addicted, and then immediately self doubt creeps into play.
I mean, I can't blog as awesomely as all of these other ones out there. For realz, but hey. Rome wasn't built in a day, and other such cliche comments.

So today I brought the following...
- $7 - A piece of art that I intend to use to frame something for the baby sisters room
- $1 - A lovely wicker basket (my husband loves my habit of bringing home useless bits like this, seriously)
- $7 - A puffer vest for the big chap. Down filled and black, perfect for mucking around with the small chap at the park.

- $6 - A pair of canvas and leather sandals.  Yes, sandals, in winter.  It was -2 degrees in Wellington yesterday, so I figured, why not?

- $1 - A DaKine backpack for the small chap.  I can't bring myself to purchase him one of those over branded cartoon ones made by hands tinier than his no doubt.

This is a normal day of op-shopping for me, although I try to keep myself within $10, so I have failed miserably here.

PS, my new $8 prescription lenses from Clearly Contacts.  LOVE!!

There you go though. My fourth post!  Who ever would have thought!

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