Monday, 11 July 2011

Baby room

This is a run through of projects I have done recently to finish off the mess that was the spare room...

I brought a frame from our local recycle center for $2 the other day, it was a little rickety so I plastered it in wood glue and clamped it to fix it in place.

It needed something inside, so I scrawled up a quick pencil drawing while watching some heavy metal cartoon that my husband was forcing me to watch.  I'll upload an image of it when I can find a spot on our walls big enough to house it.

I have also put together a babies room as I am 7.5 months pregnant at the moment with #2, and instead of her sleeping in the drum room as #1 had to, we have enough space in this house to room them both separately.

I brought a cot for $5 from the recycle center and painted it white (it was a rimu wooden frame cot.) A friend gave me a chair which I covered over with some material I had on hand. From my favourite op shop in Petone I found an old school cabinet which was painted midnight blue.
It has a fair bit of borer (the guy in the op shop said that he thought it had been used as a dart board, ha) so I doused it and left it to the elements for a while and then sanded it roughly back (being of the view that any job that takes longer then 60 minutes is in the too hard basket.)

The small drawers in the corner were $10 from another local op favourite in Lower Hutt, it is merely pine, so I took the handles off and painted it a Periglacial Blue that is around ten years old, but has long been a favourite colour of mine.

The glass vases on top of this set of drawers were 50c from the recycle center in Wellington.
The pictures to the right were $1 for a set of three from a ridiculously cheap ezibuy sale (online shop.) I popped some colour samples in them to give the wall some interest.

The map on the wall in the frame I found for $2 at another op shop was an OLD world map I found in a junk shop in York (back when I was free of small ones to look after.) I figure it cant hurt to learn a little about Our World from day one?

The rimu bureau in the corner was a $5 score from the recycle center in Wellington.  The lovely chap had to remove all the speakers from my miniature car to fit it in the boot. It was a tiny bit feral, but I sanded it back and sealed it with a bee's wax and olive oil homemade mix that I use on all my furniture.
I LOVE it. Super useful, big enough to hold all the unborn ones clothing and nappy collection, and then some.

So, that is the baby room as it is today. Probably not of huge interest to anyone, but it took a bit of work clearing it from junk room to baby room. Why didn't I take any before/after images to impress everyone. Ah well, such is life.

I'm off to source some lunch from somewhere, hoorah!

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